Rainmaker Armory Offers Private Firearms Classifieds in Las Cruces NM. If you're looking to get more for your used firearm or buy a pre-owned one for less than at a store checkout the Las Cruces Firearm Classifieds. All listings are by local individuals with firearms they no longer need. The transaction will be handled by the seller and if you find one you are interested in you can contact them directly (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO DO SO this is for the security of the seller's info). Listing a Firearm includes an active listing on our site, along with a Legal Transfer of the Firearm from the Seller to the Buyer (Must be Legally Able to Purchase the Firearm), A Background Check Must be Completed and Processed before the Firearm can be Transferred. Once a Buyer is Found Contact Rainmaker Armory to set up an Appointment for the Transfer.